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Achieve More than Everybody Else

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In this blog post, we will talk about the following.

  • How to achieve more than most people
  • How to do it faster
  • Why do people rarely act out their ideas
  • How you feel productive but in reality, you are wasting your time

Paralysis By Analysis

One day, as you are talking with a friend a brilliant idea, comes to your mind. Maybe it’s a business idea, maybe a clever line you wanna say to your crush, or a new hobby you want to start. For the time being, you think that it’s going to change your life forever.

However, as you think about it over and over again, you find problems and things that may go wrong. You don’t know how to start, where to get advice, what is the best method etc. One bad scenario after another is playing in your head. Before you know it you are paralyzed and too afraid to act your idea out.

You take no action, the days pass by, and before you know it your brilliant idea has vanished into eternity.

Mental Masturbation

Lately, you catch yourself feeling lonely. It’s been a while since you have been on a date. You are tired of the situation so you decide to do something about it.

You go online and study everything you can about dating. For the following month, you study clever pick-up lines, body language, where to meet new people, and where to go on the first date. You even study vocal tonality. You are constantly searching for new information to become even better. You read books, you watch more youtube videos, you read more articles and you rant to your friends about it.

You feel good due to the effort you put in and rightfully so. You are making great progress… right?

Unfortunately no. One or several months later you are still in the same spot you were. The only difference is that you spent hours consuming dating-related content. The problem is still there. Nothing has been fixed.

Knowledge Without Action Is Useless

Most people get lost in Paralysis by Analysis when they want to change or start/create something. This is also known as overthinking.

The fewer people that get over that stage and actually start doing something usually get stuck in the mental Masturbation stage. They consume an absurd amount of information trying to learn everything about the topic they are interested in. Video after video, book after book they feel good about being productive.

In reality, nothing productive has been done yet. No action has been taken.

Knowledge without action is useless. It’s like buying a toolbox but never building anything.

You need to implement the knowledge. If you don’t start that business, don’t use that skill, don’t approach the person you find attractive all that knowledge was for nothing.

At the end of the day, results are all that matter and by not taking a chance you will have none.

If you are not using all that knowledge that you gathered there is no point in gathering it in the first place.

Put Yourself Out There

The answer is to take more action and think/research less.

You don’t need all the information in the world. You just need some and to act on it. No one has figured it out. Especially in the beginning. You start and you figure it out on the way. You make mistakes and you learn from them. You also get results while doing that.

Don’t let the fear paralyze you or your mind trick you into endless research.

Speed Is Everything

Action will take you way ahead of everybody that did not start. Once you start, all you have to do is push through and keep the momentum going.

Try, fail, learn and try again fast. It’s a numbers game. All you have to do is succeed once.

Once you find what works for you, everything will fall into place. Your efforts will start compounding.

There is never gonna be a perfect moment and nothing will be given to you.

Act now and go take whatever is that you want. Or stay passive and watch someone else get it.

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