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My 2022 Annual Review

2022 transitioting to 2023

As you may have seen, this website is created to be my personal diary. And that is exactly what it will be now.

What went well, what went bad and what I learned from 2022. I do that for the last 8 years. My 2022 annual review is the first one I share.

It will be in a Question Answer Format so here we go.

What Went Well

Actually, a lot of things went well this year. Below, I am listing some of them:

  • Almost finished college. I have 2 courses and my thesis to go.
  • Created this blog. Sharing my thoughts with myself and others was a dream of mine. Finally, I overcame the fear and here I am.
  • Did my Internship. It was 2 months long and an eye-opening experience.
  • Found a job that I really like. I work as a full-stack web developer in Pobuca. Could not be happier with the settings. As a junior Developer, I learn a lot from my colleagues.
  • Climbed Mount Olympus. The biggest peak mountain peak in the Balkans. One of the most intense and thrilling experiences of my life.
  • Traveled to Bucharest in Spring to watch a lecture by one of my biggest role models, Dr. Jordan Peterson.
  • Watched him again in October in Athens. The tickets were a birthday present!
  • Traveled to Paris with 2 of my best friends in December. I had a blast.
  • Spent my first Vacation Camping in Chorefto, Pelion.
  • Made 1 to 4-day trips in Patras, Trikala, Corfu, Agkistri, Livanates, Chalcis, and more.
  • Started Boxing.
  • Started a business.
  • Created the office of my dreams.
  • Met new interesting people and became friends with them.
  • Probably most important of all, I strengthened the relationships I already had. I have people that I love and trust in my life. I am grateful for them. I enjoy watching and assisting them to win.
  • Gained a lot of knowledge.

What Did Not Went Well

  • Half the year my brother could not walk. He had an ACL injury and complete destruction of the knee cartilage in a basketball match on October 2021. The recovery ended 6 months later. I, my sister, and brother live in Athens without our parents so we had to take care of him.
  • When he recovered, in the first match he suffered a Jones fracture. Another 4 months of recovery. At the time of writing 23/12/2022, he has still not fully recovered to play basketball.
  • People that I loved and still do are not in my life anymore.
  • Had surgery.
  • My investments lost money.

What Did I learn

Gosh, I learned a lot. I studied and tried many things. I am a completely different person from the one at the start of the year. That happens every year though.

  • I know a lot less than what I think I know.
  • Is less about the destination and more about the journey. “Do not forget to smell the goddamn roses”.
  • Everyone has a unique understanding of the world and makes decisions based on that.
  • I am no longer an atheist.
  • Most people react rather than respond.
  • Act more, think less. Knowledge is worthless without action.
  • You are not that important.
  • Everyone is too busy thinking about what others think of them to think about you.
  • Focusing on one thing is underrated and multitasking is overrated.
  • If your actions are the same after reading a book, you just wasted your time.
  • Be a producer instead of a consumer.
  • Being a lone wolf is no good.
  • If you do not have a destination in mind, your ship sails to where the wind is blowing.
  • People treat you the way you treat yourself.
  • Do not speak things that take power away from you. ” My fire was just an illusion. It only burned you because you believed it was real. ”
  • You are your enviroment.
  • Marketing is way more important than I thought.
  • For the moment, cooking is a waste of time.
  • I changed my beliefs about money. I no longer see money as evil. I believe that wealth is something that anyone can achieve and most of us should aspire to.
  • You are responsible for your life situation whether you like it or not.
  • If you become a champion, your father’s name lives forever.
  • Rejected modernity. I respect way more the traditions and all the things that have passed the test of time. I believe that the younger generations (myself included) should be humble and grateful to our parents and the elderly for all the privileges we have.
  • We need more masculine men.

What did I Not Do Because of fear?

I did not live in fear in 2022.

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Well Done,
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