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My name is Lefteris Oikonomou.
I am currently finishing my studies at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,  NTUA (Meng) while I am working as a software developer and building my business.

I grew up in a village near Areopolis in Mani with a population of 10 people where 5 of them belonged to my family. To understand this better I will present you a fact. When I left for college (2017) there was no internet connection available in our village.
I am the oldest of my sister and brother. My parents are entrepreneurs. At this time, my mother runs the family business  and my father works as driver while aiding my mother.

From a young age, I fell in love with abstract ideas and logical thinking. I tested a lot of those ideas and read many more. 
In this blog, I am documenting my experiences, things I find interesting and lessons I learned along the way.
I think of it like a public online dairy. I hope you find value in it!

portrait of me

My interests

 I am extremely curious. Along the years my intererests have shifted dramatically. The main categories that most of them fall into are the following.


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