My Personal 2023 Review

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Lefteris OikonomouJanuary 2 2024

2023 was a full year. There was a lot of growth, challenges, and fun.

It will be in a Question Answer Format so here we go.

What Went Well

A lot of things went well this year. Below, I am listing some of the things that I enjoyed this year.

  • Studied a lot. Learned new things and perspectives. Vision became cleared

  • Became a better developer

  • Nurtured existing relationships

  • Helped others to grow

  • Made money online

  • Did freelancing gigs

  • Joined different ventures (sea travel app, agency work)

  • Wrote some blogs

  • Went on epic trips with friends. (Patra, Thessaloniki)

  • Went abroad with my father

  • Had a blast at Madeira and Lisbon

  • Found a new job that is challenging and makes me grow rapidly

  • Did a lot of ice bath

  • Bought my first car

  • Went to drakolimni

  • Researched how to build an apartment building

  • My family and loved ones were healthy

  • I completed my dream office

  • I got all the equipment I could ever ask for in my house

  • Had a lot of growth

  • Remade my personal website

  • Understood market and business better

What Did Not Go Well

  • My training sessions were less and not that intense.

  • I was a bit over my ideal weight

What did I Learn

This year, I think I became wiser. Things that used to interest me do not anymore. I understand the world better. I have enhanced my first principles of thinking and my mental models. I can see the path more clearly.

  • The work works more on you than you work on it

  • Success does not happen in one step but in small incremental steps over a long period

  • The pursuit of fleeting emotions is meaningless

  • A lot of times your best is not good enough. You have to become better than your best.

  • The more you want from life the more you have to give.

  • You can't get more time but you can get more leverage on your time

  • You learn a lot by teaching to someone else

  • The market pays you what you are worth

  • Give and you shall receive

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