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Hearing the word "developer," or in other words, a programmer, most people think of the following: A guy with a laptop and a hoodie in a basement, pressing keys on a screen filled with green shapes.


This image is far from reality. Although we developers are very cool, we are not as "cool" as Hollywood movies make us out to be.

What is a Developer?

And now you might ask, what exactly is a programmer and what do they do?

Developers are people whose job is to develop software. By the term "software," I mean any "program" that can run on an electronic device.

Developers program the apps on your phone, the display in your car, the microwave oven you use to heat your food, the games on your PlayStation you play with your friends, and platforms like Amazon or Google. These are the first things that came to my mind, out of the countless that exist.

In short, a developer is anyone who develops software.

Are There Different Kinds of Developers?

The answer is yes. However, there is no official rule that defines the types of developers.

Often, a developer can belong to more than one of the 2 categories. The more experience someone has, the more roles they can cover.

Nevertheless, no developer can cover all roles. There are differences in the knowledge and skills required.

Types of Developers

Based on the latest technological developments in the field of computer science, here is a list of the different types of developers:

Comparison Of Developers

Developer Type



Total Pay (USD)

Difficulty Getting the First Job


User interface and experience

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JS Frameworks, Responsive Design

$70,000 - $110,000



Server-side logic, databases, APIs

PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Databases, APIs

$75,000 - $120,000



Both frontend and backend development

Combination of frontend and backend skills

$80,000 - $130,000

Moderate - High

Mobile App

Mobile device applications

Swift (iOS), Java/Kotlin (Android), Mobile SDKs, Cross-platform tools

$75,000 - $120,000


Desktop Software

Software applications that run on desktop computers

C#, C++, Swift, Java, IDE tools, Operating system APIs

$70,000 - $115,000

Moderate - High

Data Scientist / Big Data

Analyzing large data sets to uncover insights

Python, R, Scala, SQL, Math

$90,000 - $140,000


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Developer

Development of intelligent systems and algorithms

Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Machine learning algorithms, Data processing

$100,000 - $150,000



Video game development

C++, C#, Unity, Unreal Engine, 3D graphics, Game design

$70,000 - $110,000



Automation of software development and deployment processes

Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Git,(CI/CD) tools

$90,000 - $140,000

Moderate - High


Ensuring the security of software systems and applications

Python, Ruby, C/C++, Ethical hacking tools, Security Protocols

$85,000 - $130,000

Moderate - High

Frontend Web Developer

  • Total Pay: $70,000 - $110,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: Moderate

Frontend Web Developers focus on the visual and interactive aspects of websites, ensuring users have an engaging experience.

They utilize HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks to create responsive and dynamic interfaces.

Their role bridges creative design with technical implementation, making website aesthetics functional across various devices.

Backend Web Developer

  • Total Pay: $75,000 - $120,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: Moderate

Backend Web Developers concentrate on the server side of applications, handling database management, server logic, and application integration.

They work with languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, and Node.js.

They develop the infrastructure that powers websites, ensuring efficient data storage, security, and server performance.

Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Total Pay: $80,000 - $130,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: Moderate - High

Full-Stack Web Developers possess a versatile skill set that covers both frontend and backend development.

They are adept at managing the entire web development process, from creating user interfaces to server and database management. This comprehensive expertise allows them to build complete web applications.

Mobile App Developer

  • Total Pay: $75,000 - $120,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: Moderate

Mobile App Developers specialize in creating software for mobile devices.

They use Swift for iOS and Kotlin or Java for Android to build apps that offer optimal performance and user experience on smartphones and tablets.

Their work includes developing new apps, maintaining existing ones, and integrating with back-end services.

Desktop Software Developer

  • Total Pay: $70,000 - $115,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: Moderate-High

Desktop Software Developers design and implement applications that run on desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

They have a strong grasp of languages such as C#, C++, Swift, and Java.

They create software that efficiently utilizes the capabilities of personal computers.

Data Scientist (Big Data Developer)

  • Total Pay: $90,000 - $140,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: High

Data Scientists analyze vast datasets to uncover insights and aid in decision-making.

They use programming languages like Python and R, statistical methods, and machine learning algorithms to interpret complex data.

Their work is crucial for organizations leveraging big data for strategic advantages.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Developer

  • Total Pay: $100,000 - $150,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: High

AI/ML Developers focus on creating systems that mimic human intelligence and learn from data.

They utilize Python, TensorFlow, and other machine learning libraries to develop algorithms capable of predictive modeling, natural language processing, and decision-making, driving innovation in various sectors.

Game Developer

  • Total Pay: $70,000 - $110,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: High

Game Developers are skilled in designing and coding interactive gaming experiences.

They work with game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine and programming languages like C++ and C#.

They create immersive worlds, engaging gameplay, and dynamic visuals for various gaming platforms.

DevOps Engineer

  • Total Pay: $90,000 - $140,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: Moderate - High

DevOps Engineers streamline and automate the software development lifecycle, enhancing collaboration between development and operations teams.

They leverage tools like Kubernetes, Docker, and Jenkins for continuous integration and delivery, optimizing workflows for faster and more reliable software releases.

Security Engineer

  • Total Pay: $85,000 - $130,000

  • Difficulty Getting the First Job: Moderate - High

Security Engineers specialize in protecting systems and software from cyber threats.

They work with Python, Ruby, C/C++, and various Ethical hacking tools.

They develop security protocols, conduct vulnerability assessments, and implement measures to safeguard information. Their expertise in ethical hacking, cryptography, and security analysis is vital for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of data.

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